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Helping Humanity

Halal and vegetarian food bank based at The Ripple Centre, Barking. Serving hot food and fresh food parcels to anyone in need.


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Our Mission

Chronic hunger in the UK is not inevitable. With collective action and unity, we can combat hunger once and for all.

Humdum UK was founded with one goal in mind; to ensure nobody in our community faces food poverty. We distribute over 300 nutritionally balanced meals a day and provide support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. We believe nobody should go a day feeling hungry; however, the sad thing is many people do.

Get involved today and be part of a growing team of volunteers who are on a mission to help those in need.


Did you know?

Our Projects

Our food bank offers halal and vegetarian ready meals prepared by Humdum plus fresh food parcels to enable our beneficiaries to cook at home. 

Food bank opening times  Saturday only.

Doors open 1 pm to 2 pm. 

Period Poverty

Let’s eliminate Period Poverty together Every female deserves to meet her basic needs Sanitary products are a “need ” not a “want” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you don’t know what she is going through….

Support Pillows

We provide post operation support pillows to those who have undergone mastectomy. Our support pillows was inspired by one of our members who had undergone the post-op pain and discomfort. 

Our Team

Kishwar Bhola

Chairperson and Founder

Nighat Bhola

Operations Director

Sam Chowdhury

Finance Director

Nasir Shah

Director of Engagment

Sehar Zaman
Jas Kaur
Tarun Sharma
Gunjan Sharma
Anita Sammy

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+44 7917 454786

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